Greg Laurie and Wife Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary

Greg Laurie and Wife Celebrate 50th Wedding AnniversaryGreg Laurie and Wife Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary

Renowned author and Harvest church founder pastor Greg Laurie and his wife Cathe Laurie have taken to social media to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

Filled with gratitude and love, the couple reflects on five decades of shared experiences, laughter, and growth.

“50 years! 5 decades! It’s hard to believe,” Greg Lauri expresses in a heartfelt Instagram post. “Cathe and I are so thankful for this milestone and I want to thank God for bringing her into my life.”

Their journey began on February 2, 1974, and the video accompanying Cathe’s post offers a glimpse into their special day. The video highlights their evolving family and the unwavering love that binds them together.

The couple also individually shared a video reflecting on their 50-year journey. In the video, they recall memories of their early days and how they successfully built their thriving marriage.

“That’s a long time I never imagined we would be here but here we are. I mean you don’t project when you say I do. 50 years into the future what that’s gonna look like,” Cathe said emphasizing how far they have come.

They went on to advise couples who are looking forward to making it to 50 and beyond to adopt tolerance of Individual differences through patience and prayers.

However, with two sons, five grandchildren, fruitful ministry and more, Greg and Cathe acknowledge the abundance of blessings that fill their lives.

Cathe particularly wrote: “They said we were too young. They thought we might not make it They couldn’t imagine the beautiful life we were headed for. But God…to him and for him and through him we have had more so much more than we or anyone could have imagined.”



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