Greg Laurie Announces New Harvest Maui Facility

Greg Laurie Announces New Harvest Maui Facility

Greg Laurie Announces New Harvest Maui Facility

Evangelist Greg Laurie, founder and leader of Harvest Christian Fellowship, a multi-campus church with a strong presence in California and Hawaii, has announced the construction of a new facility specifically designed to serve the growing Harvest Maui congregation.

This announcement follows the hugely successful “Hope for Lahaina” outreach program, which drew over 3,000 islanders. Laurie, a prolific author as well, shared plans for the new facility to open its doors later in 2024.

“We’re building a new facility for Harvest Maui!” the social media post declared. The expansion reflects Harvest Maui’s growing impact, a spiritual haven for both residents and visitors.

The post highlighted the church’s significance, especially after the devastating Maui wildfires in August 2023. Harvest Maui served as a beacon of hope, offering vital resources during that challenging time. The church’s welcoming nature extends to tourists seeking spiritual connection as well.

“This Church is not only a light to those here on the island, especially in the aftermath of the fire,” the post reads, “but it is also a place where tourists come and find Christ.”

Following the overwhelming turnout at the “Hope for Lahaina” event, Harvest Fellowship leadership acknowledged the need for a larger space. The new facility will address this growing need by providing a more expansive environment for worship services, community programs, and potentially even additional support services.

The social media announcement concluded with a heartfelt request: “Remember to pray for us.” This plea acknowledges the challenges involved in such a project. Prayers are undoubtedly sought for a smooth transition and continued success in fulfilling Harvest Maui’s mission.

News of the new facility has been met with excitement by the Maui community. Many took to the comments section, expressing eagerness to support the initiative and thanking Laurie for his leadership. “I would love to come help! So adorable Pastor Greg,” one user commented, reflecting the spirit of community support. “Look at you go, you’re a man on fire. Very good, much blessings to you and your crew,” another user added.


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