Do You Have Healthy Relationship With People?

Do you have healthy relationships with people

Do you have healthy relationships with people?

Do you have healthy relationships with people? As children of God, there is a pattern of life that we are meant to live. How we relate to God and people around us is really important because we are representing God.

There will be moments in our lives when people are going to get on our nerves and make us angry. We are not to be controlled by our emotions but by the will of God, so that can be pleasing to us.

Being kind and caring to people around us, both believers and nonbelievers, makes it easy for us to influence them. Some of the reason that most Christians can’t win soul for us is because they have bad characters.

When we are unkind and rude to people, they will run away from us and refuse to listen to our gospel. If you see someone living a bad life, don’t judge them or condemn them; you can pray for them and correct them in love.

When we are told not to judge, it means that we are meant to correct people out of love. God is love, and he wants us to love other people as he has loved us.

None of us are perfect, but God still accepted us and sent Jesus Christ to die for our sins. We are all sinners, but we are now bought by God through the blood of Jesus Christ.

We must be like Jesus Christ.

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For us to make heaven we are to be like Jesus Christ in everything that we do. Our Lord had good healthy with everyone around them.

Jesus Christ washed the feet of his disciple which shows that he’s humble. He dined with non believers and the pharisee hated Our Lord but he was trying to win them over.

Our Lord was really humble when he was on earth and he showed many kindness to everyone. Jesus Christ also healed the sick people because of their faith and he’s love for them.

When 5000 people was following him when he was teaching, he later provided food for everyone. If someone do us wrong we have to let go and forgive them.

Forgiveness is really important in everyone’s life because when we forgive we are freeing ourselves. When we forgive we are also obeying God’s commandments.

Jesus Christ faced a lot of challenges when he was on earth like people hated him and some people mocked him. He was also crucified on the cross because he never liked him but he still forgave them.

Practice Makes Perfect

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For us to have healthy relationship with people we must practice it everyday. Learning how to share and care for everyone is going to open door for us.

It won’t easy because sometimes people can annoy you intentionally to see your reaction. Everything that we do here on earth is not for ourselves but unto God.

Jesus Christ is called the prince of peace because he loves peace. Fighting everyday with everyone is not Christ like for we are selected by God and we must behave great.

  • Everyday try to have communication without argument
  • We must learn how to share no matter how little it can be
  • Greet people with a big warm smile
  • Assist people when they need its
  • Judge less and pray more
  • Complain less and pray more
  • Apologize when you are wrong

With the right attitude we can have healthy relationship with everyone around us. We can win multiple soul for the kingdom of God and that’s our goal here on earth.



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