Haiti Christian Ministry Requests Prayers for Kidnapped Nurse


Haiti Christian Ministry Requests Prayers for Kidnapped Nurse
Haiti Christian Ministry Requests Prayers for Kidnapped Nurse

El Roi Haiti, the Christian education ministry in Haiti requests prayers after New Hampshire nurse Alix Dorsainvil and her daughter were kidnapped while working for the ministry.

5 days after the kidnap of the wife and daughter of El Roi Haiti founder and director, Sandro Dorsainvil, the ministry requested more prayers for their safe return.

“We are now entering day 5 since our dear friend, Alix, and her daughter were kidnapped from our El Roi Haiti ministry site near Port au Prince,” the ministry wrote in a July 31st statement shared on their website. “We continue to work diligently with  authorities and partners in the United States and Haiti to secure their freedom.”

“Many people are laboring for their return, but currently we cannot share more specific details. We are so thankful for all of the support that has been shown.  Please continue to pray with us for the protection and freedom of Alix and her daughter.”

“As our hearts break for this situation, we also continue to pray for the country and people of Haiti and for freedom from the suffering they endure daily,”

Alix who has been married to Dorsainvil since 2021 and has served as a school nurse in the ministry since 2020 was kidnapped along with her daughter on the morning of July 27. Their kidnap was confirmed by the ministry on July 28. The ministry stated that she lived multiple years in Haiti before she started working as a staff.

Her selfless service to God and humanity were highly commended by the ministry. “She seeks people out to show them love and compassion, and no one is excluded from receiving her kindness.  Alix lives a life following in the footsteps of Jesus as she obeys the Biblical command found in Mark 12:30, The statement read.

El Roi Haiti however vouched to pray ceaselessly until the victims are released.



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