Herdsmen Kill 15, Abducts 32 Others In Nigeria

15 Killed, 32 Others Abducted As Herdsmen Resume Attack In Nigeria

Herdsmen Kill 15, Abducts 32 Others In Nigeria

Herdsmen Kill 15, Abducts 32 Others In Nigeria: In another tragic incident that occurred on September 15, 2023, the Southern Kaduna Community of Kaduna State Nigeria has once again been thrown into mourning. The community has over the years become a constant victim of terrorist attacks by the notorious Fulani herdsmen. This recent attack has resulted in the death of 23 pastors.

According to locals, the attackers also kidnapped 32 Christians from Dogon Noma village in addition to killing 15 lives. The village was surrounded by the terrorist in their hundreds, shooting anybody in sight in an attack which took place by 7:00am.

Residents of the community have lamented the loss of their loved ones as many families have once again been thrown into a state of mourning and despair.  The tragic loss has left a deep void in the hearts of the residents, who are struggling to come to terms with the sudden absence of their loved ones. The community is now coming together to provide support and solace to those affected, offering a shoulder to lean on during this difficult time.

Two of the victims who were killed were identified as Bala Laya and Gimbiya Coaster. ,while three abducted were identified as Set Alkali, Saviour Christopher and Sico Nicholas.

The Youth leader in the area Ernest Maidawa, urged government officials to urgently take action. Maidawa emphasized the need for Government intervention to address the pressing issues faced by residents of the Southern Kaduna Community. . He stressed that without prompt action from government officials, as the situation is negatively impacting the future of the youth.

“We are saddened with these renewed acts of attacks and gruesome killings of innocent Christians in Dogon Noma community by Fulani herdsmen,” Maidawa said. “We are urging law enforcement agencies as a matter of urgency to check the spate of these attacks on innocent Christians in our communities. Governments both at state and federal levels in Nigeria must also be seen to be doing more as they have not shown capacity in their core mandate and responsibilities to protect lives and properties.”

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