How a Humble Christian Should Live

How a Humble Christian Should Live

How a Humble Christian Should Live

How a Humble Christian Should Live: We often ask ourselves How should a humble christian live?

We have to know that God wants us to be humble and not proud. We Christians frequently struggle in our Christian life more than we should because of pride.

When we have pride that will make us not to relate to other people as God instructed us to.

When Christians accomplish great things for God, it is quite simple for them to become very proud of their spirituality.

God wants us to know that pride is not a good thing fr us to have a christian. We are to humble ourselves to God’s will and love other people in our lives.

  • Every gift and abilities are from God: No matter how talented we are we have to know that they came from God. “Every good and perfect gift is from above,” the Bible declares. You were breathed by God. Your unique personality, skills, etc., are gifts from God. God doesn’t want us to become arrogant about our skills, but He does want us to use our talents for his will.
  • Know that God is powerful: We have to remind ourselves that God is always the powerful one in our lives. However, God is ultimately in command. God has the option to grant our requests in prayer or not.
  • Make an effort to remain humble: We have to get involve in activities that can keep us humble. House cleaning, working out, planting flowers and help people are example of good activities.
  • Recognize that we are not flawless: In life is really important for us to know that we can be wrong sometimes. Because Christians have spiritual sight through the Holy Spirit, we may begin to believe that we are always right and never wrong. However, it is important to acknowledge that you may be mistaken about anything.
  • Treat people right: For us to be a better Christians we have to treat people around us in a right way.We must recognize that every human being alive was formed in God’s image.
  • Acknowledge your sin: We have to be honest with ourselves when we sin against God and ask for forgiveness.
  • Don’t be arrogant: When we have done great things for God we should not boast about them to everyone we see.
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