How Are You Training Your Kids?

How are you training your kids

How are you training your kids?

How are you training your kids? In our world today, how you train your children is really important. Everyone is normalizing sin, and we are not to do the same because we are Christians.

God has appointed us to represent him here on earth, and we must pass it down to our children. The world is looking at us as Christians, so we must do our best to behave like Jesus Christ.

Some people claim that godly living is impossible to achieve and that it’s also boring. Living the way God has designed for us is easy to achieve, and it’s more fun.

Jesus Christ has given us the Holy Spirit to guide us through everything we do. As children of God, we must surrender ourselves to the rules and direction of the Holy Spirit inside of us.

So many movie industries have normalized so many sexual sins, and if we don’t teach our kids, they learn from the movies. The internet is full of terrible things, and it is our job to protect our kids or younger siblings.

Tell your kids what is right and wrong so that they can avoid or run from bad things. Most movies have sexual scenes, and they are also in some kids movies too.

Who are their friends?

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As parents or caregivers, we cannot hide our kids from the world because they will have to face it today. We are here on earth to teach our kids the right things so that they can grow in the Lord.

When our kids make new friends at school, instead of judging them, they get to know their friends. Don’t yell at your kids too much, because that might make them want to stay away from you.

Correct them in love and teach them all the things they need to know about the world. We cannot tell our kids who to befriend, but we can teach them about making the right one.

We have to know that if we are not close to our kids, their friends can influence them more than we do. Be your children’s best friend and also their parents, so that you can influence them in a in a godly way.

God is our father, and he is also our best friend, who understands us and guides us. Get to know your kids friends so that you can know who can be a bad influence.

If your kids confide in you, that will help you train them in the ways of the Lord. We may not be the best parents, but we are never alone because the Holy Spirit is there.

Most times, we must be more of a parent so that they can listen other than being best friends always. We are meant to be both friends and parents because they need both.

Your kids will tell you more of their secrets when you are their friend than you can control as a parent. Sometimes you have to make the right decision for them, and they may not like it, but they’ll thank you later.

Pray for your kids.

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Your kids may not be perfect like other children, but don’t give up on them. Pray for your children so that they can listen to your advice and that of the Holy Spirit.

There are moments in our lives when we’re not perfect, but God arrests us. God can arrest our kids and make them behave right, but it will not happen overnight.

It can take months or years before we can see changes in our kids lives, so keep praying. God can visit them anytime or at any at any moment because he loves them too.

Your heavenly father will not allow your efforts and those of your kids to go to waste. The truth is that kids are observers, not listeners, in their early stages.

When you behave right, they will copy you and behave just like you, so if you know the qualities you want in them, be like that. We have to know that they love their parents when the parents show love to them.

There will be moments when they appear to have so many flaws. Don’t say bad things to them. Compliment your kids and show love to them at the right time, and God will take control.

Don’t be afraid of telling them the truth when they are behaving wrong. Remember to be both their best friend and their parent, and at the right time, you will see God in control.

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