How Well Do You Know Your Kids?

How well do you know your kids

How well do you know your kids?

How well do you know your kids? Most times, taking care of a child can be tricky and requires a lot of attention. Sometimes, getting to know our kids can be very hard and tiring.

The chances to understand our kids can be very rewarding as we get to know them. We have to improve as parents so that we can know how to help them.

Understanding does not come easy or naturally, as it requires effort and intentional communication with our child. We are going to see ways we can help understand our children better.

  • Listening carefully: As parents, we need to make sure we allow our children to express their thoughts and feelings to you without dismissing them. Chat with them about all of it and give a thoughtful response to what they have to say. This will help grow deeper connections between you and them and also foster a safe space for them to be with you.
  • Ask questions: To understand our child, we need to ask them questions that encourage them to tell you all about their experiences and questions, like “Whats the best part of school today?” or “How was practice today? Are you tired?” This gives them insight into their world and makes them understand that you show care in their daily activities too.
  • Spending quality time: We should also make time to create quality moments with our children. Playing games and attending events that they are staring at at school or church.
  • Patience and trust: As parents, how much we believe in our kids can impact their self-confidence. They may not be perfect, but trust them and encourage them with positive words all the time. At the right time, you will see a great impact on them.

Inspire Your Kids

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Most times, we spend our efforts complaining about how the internet and celebrities are influencing our kids badly. We are meant to be our kids first and best role models because they are watching us.

The more efforts that we put into ourselves to improve will help us inspire them. Sometimes kids are more observers than listeners, so behave right and they’ll learn from you.

If you want responsible kids, you have to be a responsible parent. As Christians, we are expected to be like Jesus Christ, and that should show in our characters.

Our children will listen to us and obey our commandments when we live up to the standards we set at home. You can’t be lying and expect your kids to speak the truth all the time.

Do you smoke weed, or are you an alcoholic? Be careful, because your kids might learn from you. Hiding and weeding will not make them not want to learn because they’ll catch you one day.

Our bad characters are going to show up in our lives if we don’t work on them. To change and become better can be hard, but we are not alone because Jesus Christ has given us the Holy Spirit.

Let’s do our best every day to obey the instructions that God is giving us in our hearts. Some days can be harder than others, but keep pushing because God is our strength.

Remember, we can influence our kids more than the internet or celebrities can.



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