How Christian Group Smuggle Bibles into Persecuted Regions

How Christian Group Smuggle Bibles into Persecuted Regions

How Christian Group Smuggle Bibles into Persecuted Regions

How Christian Group Smuggle Bibles into Persecuted Regions: A group of daring believers in the Middle East is making remarkable efforts to ensure that the Gospel is preached in their regions notwithstanding the persecutions that believers face in that region. These brave souls are secretly printing Bibles and their mission is driven by their unwavering faith and passion for the gospel. Despite facing immense risks and potential persecution, they remain committed to spreading God’s message of love and hope to those who need it most.

A group which looks out for such organizations called The Global Christian Relief, has recognized the efforts of these courageous believers. Brian Orme, from the group, described meeting one such person. “I’ve been arrested three times, and they’ve tried to kill me five times,” the man revealed, detailing the grave threats he’s faced. Despite his harrowing experiences, his unshakeable faith is clear. He credited his survival to “the prayers of believers” and “Christ’s protection.”

Despite the real threats surrounding them, their dedication remains unshaken. One story shared involved a man so profoundly touched upon receiving a Bible that he described it as the “most important book on Earth.” Such reactions inspire these printers to persevere, with the conviction that they’ll “never give up.”

These men understand the immense impact their work can have on individuals and communities, which fuels their determination to continue.

Orme provided insight into their activities, including a hidden facility that produces thousands of copies of the New Testament. He displayed 25,000 copies ready for eager hands. For security reasons, the specific country, faces of those involved, and even the Bible covers are not revealed. What is the major mission? To smuggle these Bibles into Iran and strengthen the recipients’ faith.

There is also a second factory dedicated to the production of children’s Bibles. As Orme pointed out, “these Bibles are illegal.” Nonetheless, the urge to nurture young souls and strengthen their faith outweighs the danger.

The second factory operates covertly, hidden from the prying eyes of authorities. Despite the risks involved, the dedicated team at the factory remains steadfast in their mission to provide children with access to spiritual guidance and teachings.

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