Christian Singer Arrives Stage In A Coffin

Christian Singer Arrives Stage In A Coffin:
Christian Singer Samuel Oguche Arrives Stage In A Coffin


A Nigerian gospel singer causes a stir online after sharing photos of himself arriving on stage in a coffin.

Samuel Oguche, popularly known as Onoja took to Facebook on Friday to share photos from his recent program titled ‘Funeral Service – Death Of Self.’

Sharing photos from the event he wrote: “Thank you Jalingo City !!! So much overwhelmed by the testimonies we received after this Experience. “We return all glory to God for the impact, transformed lives and many others. Welcome Once again to Funeral Service — Death of Self (Die Daily).”

In one of the photos, some young men were seen carrying a coffin onto the program stage. In another photo where the coffin was laid on the stage open, Oguche can be seen lying inside the coffin holding firmly a microphone. One other photo portrayed him making his way out of the coffin.

The entrance photos however has sparked controversies online with some expressing their dislike for his choice of entrance noting that it is senseless,  wrong, and a mockery of Christianity.

“This is totally wrong,” one user said in the comment section of the photos also shared by Punch on X formerly known as Twitter. “You see why Christianity is becoming a thing of mockery? It is because of people like this,” another said.

“Some things are not supposed to be thought about, this is perfect rubbish and senselessness coming especially from a gospel singer. He just wants attention I guess,” another user added.

In contrary, some commended his entrance choice in the perception that it was an effort made towards communicating long-lasting messages. “Practical teaching. I love this. You can never forget this kind of teaching,” one user said.

“It might look like madness….but indirectly we had buried someone closer to us……You can only be saved while you’re alive there’s no grace in Graveyard… a message to all who think they will not die…maltreatment their fellow human,” another added.

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