How To Develop Lasting Happiness

How To Develop Lasting Happiness

How To Develop Lasting Happiness

How to Develop Lasting Happiness: Happiness in life can be hard for many of us lately. We expect things because we have a lot of unrealistic expectations.

The Bible lets us know that we will all have trouble in life. We should not be surprised when we face tribulations in life; we have to trust God instead.

Facing trouble in life is part of it. We have to just get over it, believe in God, and trust Him, but when it really happens to us, it’s something entirely different.

As Christians, we must always be joyful—not simply for the sake of happiness but also in order to demonstrate to the outside world that we must be different from them.

We have to be different from other people in the world by always being happy and handling life differently in a positive way so that people can be interested in knowing Jesus.

We can only cultivate lasting joy by depending on God with all our strength and being careful not to allow the devil to push our button.

Depending on God is the only way for us to have lasting happiness in our lives. Troubles are going to happen in our lives, but God allows them to happen.

The enemy is trying his best to make us lose our peace, and we should not allow him. When going through life challenges, we have to know that God has our back always.

Bad things can happen to us, but we can’t lose our peace when we trust God.


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