How To Secure Your Future in 2024 By Prophet Lovy Elias

How To Secure Your Future

How To Secure Your Future in 2024 By Prophet Lovy Elias

In a world filled with uncertainties, seeking guidance for a secure future is a universal aspiration. Prophet Lovy Elias, a renowned spiritual leader and visionary, shares profound insights on navigating the year 2024 with purpose, faith, and practical wisdom. Here’s a teaching on how to secure your future in 2024 free.

Prophet Lovy Elias in a short video posted on Instagram emphasizes the need to guard your heart, eyes and ears. He admonished that in this new year, we have to be on guard in other to secure our future.

“In 2024, guard your eyes and guard your future. Guard your ears and your heart. Don’t allow venom to enter you” he said.

One may be wondering what is the connection between the ears, eyes and heart with the future. Prophet Lovy in his video explained thus; “If you look at negative things, it will stop your ability to see visions of the future”.

The prophet made it known that focusing on the negatives is of no gain and will only shatter our dreams for the future. Speaking on the dangers of focusing on the negatives, he said:

“If you listen to negative things, your heart will be poisoned. Your faith will be shaken and you will lose the ability to chase after things.”

However, Prophet Lovy gave us a piece of advice which is the way out. He advised that we meditate and focus on the things that are good. He encouraged us to focus only on the good report.

“So guard your eyes, guard your heart and secure your future.”

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