Hundreds Accepted Jesus at JWLKRS Conference

Hundreds Accepted Jesus at JWLKRS Conference

Hundreds Accepted Jesus at JWLKRS Conference

Hundreds Accepted Jesus at JWLKRS Conference:

Last week, thousands of young people attended the JWLKRS (Jesus-Walkers) Conference in Orlando, Florida, to worship Jesus, pray, and have their faith strengthened. Now, countless others are claiming that gathering was a time when the Holy Spirit acted and set a “generation on fire for God.”

Jennie Allen, a best-selling author and the creator of IF:Gathering, was one of the featured presenters at the conference held at Calvary Orlando on September 29 and 30.

The event was centered on educating Gen Z and Millennials on how their “unique talents, traits, and passions serve a vital purpose.”

“God created the world and specifically chose this moment in history for you. The Creator of the universe knew that the world needed you,” a statement on their website reads. “When you live out your God-given purpose with His strength and guidance, your life’s possibilities are limitless.”

On Instagram, Allen wrote that she saw hundreds of people approach the altar after being invited to build a relationship with Jesus.

“So last night they asked me to close their beautiful gathering of young adults. Specifically, Lance Schnacky felt I needed to do an altar call,” she explained. “I was hesitant. But open. Not wanting to force anything, but they knew.”

“At the end of my message, I said it: if you want to give your life, surrender your life to Jesus; I’m going to give you the opportunity,” Allen continued. “And then I prayed, and while I was praying, hundreds came forward on their knees all over the sanctuary. I looked up from praying, and they were all just there. I hadn’t even told them to come yet.”

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