Thousands Find Solace in Harvest Christian Fellowship’s “Hope for Lahaina”

Over 3,000 Find Solace in Harvest Christian Fellowship's "Hope for Lahaina"
Thousands Find Solace in Harvest Christian Fellowship’s “Hope for Lahaina”

Thousands Find Solace in Harvest Christian Fellowship’s “Hope for Lahaina”

A wave of hope and comfort swept over Maui yesterday as “Hope for Lahaina,” a major outreach event, brought together over 3,000 islanders.

Organized by Harvest Christian Fellowship, the event offered solace and strength to a community still reeling from the devastating wildfires of August 2023.

“We had a blessed time for our outreach event yesterday,” shared Pastor Greg Laurie, founder of Harvest Christian Fellowship, who led the initiative.

The event featured two uplifting worship services filled with music led by renowned worship leader Leeland. Award-winning Christian artist Danny Gokey further energized the crowd with an inspiring performance.

More than just a one-day event, “Hope for Lahaina” reflects Harvest Maui’s ongoing commitment to supporting the island’s long road to recovery. These wildfires claimed over 100 lives and displaced more than 6,000 people, leaving deep scars in the community.

“The people on this little island have been deeply traumatized by the fire,” reflected Pastor Laurie. “This event was part of a lot of work we have been doing on this island after the fire.”

The positive response from the community has spurred Harvest Maui to expand its reach. The organization is seeking a new, larger facility to better address the growing need for support and resources on the island. They are also seeking prayers for a smooth transition and continued success in their mission.

Harvest Christian Fellowship, a multi-campus church with a strong presence in California and Hawaii focuses on spreading the message of Christianity through various avenues. Its outreach events aim to provide spiritual encouragement, practical support, and a sense of community to those in need.


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