Jackie Hill Perry And Husband To Embark on Podcast Tour

Jackie Hill Perry Husband
Jackie Hill Perry And Husband To Embark on Podcast Tour

Jackie Hill Perry And Husband To Embark on Podcast Tour. 

Renowned spoken word artist, Jackie Hill Perry and husband, Preston has announced a podcast tour this year. The acclaimed author, and theologian. shared the exciting news in an Instagram post announcing a “With The Perrys” podcast tour. .

The tour is named after their  podcast “With The Perrys” which the couple co-host. ‘With The Perrys‘ podcast is one that is  engaging in thoughtful conversations on a variety of topics, ranging from faith and identity to social justice and personal growth.

Jackie Hill Perry gained prominence with her award-winning book “Gay Girl, Good God,” where she shared her personal journey of faith and redemption. Since then, she has become a sought-after speaker and advocate, using her platform to address important issues and challenge societal norms.

The podcast tour will serve as a platform for the Perrys to connect with audiences across the country. Listeners can expect candid discussions, thought-provoking insights, and practical advice on navigating life’s challenges. Through these discussions, the Perrys’ aim to inspire individuals to embrace their unique identities. In addition, they teach how to overcome obstacles, and foster positive change within their communities.

Fans and followers can stay updated on the podcast tour schedule and for ticket sales through the Podcast’s Instagram page or official website. The tour promises to be a dynamic exploration of faith, identity, and the pursuit of a meaningful life.

As the Perrys take to the airwaves, the podcast tour is anticipated to leave a lasting impact. Also, we believe that it will resonate with listeners seeking wisdom, inspiration among other things.

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