Jeremy Foster who resigned over adultery, breaks silence

Jeremy Foster who resigned From Church over adultery, breaks silence

Jeremy Foster who resigned from Hope City Church as the lead pastor consequent to his engagement into adultery finally breaks the silence. After over one year of muzzling, The founder of Hope City Church took to his Instagram to share a video.

In the video, he disclosed that he was “at peace” with his present self but not with his past. At the same time revealing that he has remarried and wants to utilize his God-given gift to serve people. In addition, Foster disclosed his unwillingness to return to the pulpit. Adding that he was not aware of what the future holds for him.

He said “I am at peace now. I’m married, remarried. Peace with my life, but not with my mistakes, not with my sin. I’m at peace with God” He went on to add “Maybe at some point, I do know that God has given me gifts to help people.”

“And that’s really what I want to do, is just help people. I don’t know what it looks like in the future. I don’t know when I will be back on it. But a lot of people ask me stuff. Some people encourage me to do things I’m not ready”

Foster Further disclosed that he had wanted to address the public when he tendered his resignation,  but was advised by the board of Hope City Church as at then against it. Promulgating that they wanted him to stay quiet for a year. He however affirmed that their decision didn’t go well with him then, but over time he realized it was wise as he wouldn’t have known what to say or how to say it.

conclusively, Jeremy Foster apologized to the persons he had offended. Stating that he has learned from his mistakes.

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