‘Jesus Revolution’ Wins Movieguide’s “Best Movie for Mature Audiences” Award

'Jesus Revolution' Wins Movieguide's "Best Movie for Mature Audiences" Award
‘Jesus Revolution’ Wins Movieguide’s “Best Movie for Mature Audiences” Award

‘Jesus Revolution’ Wins Movieguide’s “Best Movie for Mature Audiences” Award

The spiritual awakening film “Jesus Revolution,” based on the conversion story of Harvest Christian Fellowship senior pastor Greg Laurie, has garnered another accolade, this time receiving the “Best Movie for Mature Audiences” award from Movieguide.

The Movieguide Awards, presented annually by the non-profit organization Movieguide, recognize excellence in movies and television that adhere to Christian values. Laurie received the award on Thursday at the organization’s 31st annual award.

The movie co-producer, Greg Laurie, took to social media to express gratitude for the recognition. He noted, however, that the true reward lies in the numerous lives impacted by the movie.

“Thanks to @movieguide for presenting @jesusrevolutionmovie the award for “Best movie for mature audiences,” Laurie wrote in an Instagram post. “The greatest reward, however of seeing this story of the Jesus Revolution brought to the screen has been the countless lives that have been impacted and changed after watching it!”

The “Jesus Revolution” movie chronicles the extraordinary spiritual awakening that swept across America in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Although remembered for its social and political unrest, the era was also characterized by a large influx of youth looking for a greater sense of meaning and purpose in life. A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the answer that many have discovered, as the film vividly examines.

While Movieguide’s recognition is a significant testament to the film’s intriguingness, many followers have taken to the comment section to credit “Jesus Revolution” with its deserving of honor.

“Yes!! Praise God! We love this movie in our house,” shared one follower. We’ve watched it again and again.”  “Congratulations,” another viewer echoed. “Jesus Revolution was so well done, such a great movie, and the award well deserved.” Another added, “Awesome movie and very well deserved pastor.”

The positive response to “Jesus Revolution” underscores the enduring power of faith-based storytelling. At its release in 2023, Jesus Revolution hit Netflix’s top 10 movies. Last week, it was recognized by Netflix Life as one of the “5 best Christian movies to watch.”


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