Jesus Wasn’t A “Nice” Guy – Pastor Colby Maier

 Jesus Wasn't A "Nice" Guy - Pastor Colby Maier
     Jesus Wasn’t A “Nice” Guy – Pastor Colby Maier


Jesus Wasn’t A Nice Guy – Pastor Colby Maier: The pastor of Bloom Church, Pastor Colby Maier has dropped a bombshell. The pastor who is known for his though provoking sermons, posted on Instagram that Jesus was not a “nice guy”.

However, the pastor went ahead to share the reasons for his very bold assertion. Pastor Maier said “Being a good man isn’t the same thing as being a nice man. Good men are truthful even when the truth is potentially galvanizing, and have the capacity to be contentious – and even dangerous – when properly called upon.”.

He said that Jesus was a good man and not a nice and he stated that there was a big difference. According to him, the book of Galatians 5:22-23 tell us that the fruit of the spirit is kindness not niceness. He also said that another difference is that good men will always speak the truth – Matthew 23:1-36. Also, he added that good men do not fear to be called contentious especially when it comes to their moral value.

In addition, Pastor Maier pointed out that being like Jesus means speaking the truth in love. According to him “…because tough love is often the kindest thing you can do”.

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