John Bevere Marks 40 years in Ministry

John Bevere Marks 40 years in a Ministry He left his Engineer Job For
Messenger International founder, John Bevere Marks 40 years in Ministry


John Bevere who co-founded Messenger International Ministry with his wife Lisa Bevere has taken to Instagram to celebrate his 40 years in ministry, calling to mind how he left his high-income mechanical engineer job to serve in ministry.
Bevere announced in a Tuesday Instagram post that “40 years ago today I started in full time ministry. I left my job as a mechanical engineer at a large corporation in Dallas, Texas—Rockwell International—to serve in our local church.”
He explained that he served in the local church as executive assistant to the lead pastor, noting however that the position title was rather emphasized, as his responsibilities were serving the lead pastor and his family.
“My position was executive assistant to the lead pastor, it was actually a glorified title for the responsibility of “gopher” —”go for this, go for that”… I was responsible for our pastor’s and his wife’s personal needs, such as washing their cars, picking up dry-cleaning, picking up their children from school, etc. I also took care of their guests who ministered at our church,”Bevere explained.
Bevere claimed in the statement that he had realized he has “entered a life of serving”after the Holy Spirit spoke to him while discharging one of his usual duties.
“‘Son IF I promote you to speaking ministry (there was a huge emphasis on IF), it will be a promotion in SERVING. If you mess up now, it is just at the cost of a dry-cleaned shirt. If you mess up then it will be at the expense of people, and people are what I care most about,'” he quoted the Holy spirit said.
The 64-year-old pastor also expressed gratitude to his wife Lisa who he divulged had encouraged him throughout his years in ministry.
“When I left engineering 40 years ago and took a several thousand dollar a year pay cut to an annual salary of $18,000, I was nervous about how I would provide, but she encouraged me strongly to do so. There were many times I was on the road and she took care of our four sons and raised champions,” he wrote.
He further expressed gratitude to his children “who sacrificed time with “dad” for the purpose of advancing the kingdom” as well as “those who have encouraged me down through these forty years.”
“I’m most grateful to my Lord Jesus Christ, who entrusted me with the ministry of proclaiming and teaching His precious and eternal Word,” he concluded.
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  1. So blessed by your testimony – passed it to my G’son who is struggling in Uni. A real ‘hairpin bend’ in your walk with our Heavenly Father.
    BTW Just read you lived in Londonderry NI – I was born and raised in Portstewart
    My life has been changed by your teaching and example. Thankyou


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