John Hagee and Wife Celebrate Daughter Christina’s Birthday

John Hagee and Wife Celebrate Daughter Christina’s Birthday

Cornerstone church founder pastor John Hagee and his wife Diana celebrate their daughter Christina’s birthday today with a heartfelt message.

Taking to social media, the couple described Christina as “a ray of sunshine” who has blessed their lives since the day she was born. They praised her unwavering faith, compassionate spirit, and dedication to her family.

“You have been a ray of sunshine to our family from the day you were born,” the message read. “Your smile lights up a room and your kindness reflects the beauty of your soul. Your children bless you because you lovingly guide them in all their ways. Your husband praises you because you faithfully stand by his side and encourage him in all that he does.”

Beyond her personal qualities, the Hagees highlighted Christina’s deep faith, stating, “Most importantly, you fear the Lord, which is all a mother and father could ask for.”

The Hagees also expressed their deep love for their daughter and offered heartfelt prayers for her future.

“May the Lord bless your coming in and going out,’ they prayed. “And May He walk before you to direct your divine path, beside you to accompany you on life’s journey, and behind you to be your rear guard. May God’s blessings of good health, abundant joy, and supernatural favor be upon you all the days of your life.”

 Additionally, they recited Psalm 20:4: “May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.” The message concluded with a warm sentiment, “Happy Birthday, Christina! We love you with all our hearts.”

The heartwarming message however touched many on social media, garnering numerous likes and comments filled with birthday wishes for JIV and congratulations to the Walker family.


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