Join Pastor Alph Lukau Live Service Here

Join Pastor Alph Lukau Live Service

Join Pastor Alph Lukau Live Service Here

Join Pastor Alph Lukau Live Service

According to Pastor Alph Lukau, “This Sunday will be a day to remember. Mark it in your calendar. The day you claim EVERYTHING that is yours; your health, your finances, your peace of mind, your breakthrough and your freedom. God will do it for you and for your family. Believe God, believe His prophet. Get ready to testify!

“Do not conform to the way of this world (Romans 12:2)

Three enemies we fight against:-
1. Your flesh – sometimes the battle is in you – today I pray that God will give you victory! You must subdue your flesh!
2. The devil – the accuser – the devil comes to kill and to destroy, he is after your destiny. May the devil fall tonight in the name of Jesus!
3. The world – you cannot be on God’s side and still conform to the ways of the world. Do not comply with the standard of the world. It is okay to be different. (In this instance the world is a system created by the enemy to rule over every being).

Whatever they did against you will NOT work anymore. Be free in God. Prosper in God. Succeed in God. Are you hearing me?”

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  1. You’re man of God, I respect the grace that is upon and I covet that grace. I don’t know what you have past through Pst Lukau to reach where you’re now but any way pray for me.

  2. Prayer for me pastor am suffering too much .prayer for relationship my 3 children and prayer for me i need baby girl pastor. I saw you and i watch you always on your you tube

  3. hie Pastor I really need you to deliver my heart from short temper ,harshness ,list,and above all to know and acknowledge Jesus Christ as my on master

  4. Thank God for this day please man of God help me and my family please God bless you this is 14 years of my pain please help me

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