Joseph Prince: His Lavish Love Exceeds Your Expectations

Pastor Joseph Prince shares this sermon titled “His Lavish Love Exceeds Your Expectations.”

Pastor Joseph teaches us in this message about the love of God and how he loves us more than we think. God loves us so much that his lavish love exceeds our expectations. Nothing you do can stop God from loving you. Stop looking for pseudo-love in all the wrong places. Do you know why God will freely and abundantly forgive? It’s all paid for! The cross answers it all! You see, our thoughts are not like His thoughts. “The way you think of me,” “the way you think of me,” “forgiveness is not like” “the way I think.” We think God tore the veil for man to come in. God tore the veil and stepped out. The same blood that tore the veil removed your sins perfectly! There’s nothing for us to do but believe. God’s not mad at you. Come home; Jesus is waiting for you. So, we have had losses, but the losses should not cause us to not believe in the best that God has for us. You know, for Christians, even when you lose, you win. If somebody doesn’t get their manifestation and passes on to be with Jesus, they are in a better place than we are! We have grown accustomed to the encumbrance of this body. We have grown so accustomed to the limitations of this world that we have learned to be at home in it, but we do not know what it’s like there. Best of all, Jesus is there. Amen. So, one day we will all be there. So, it’s the year where there’s going to be an abundance of revelations. The Bible says when So, it’s the year where there’s going to be abundance of revelation. The Bible says when the rain comes, the threshing floor should be full of wheat, and the vats shall overflow with new wine and oil. Bread, wine, and oil. The revelation of the Communion and the anointing of the Holy Spirit lead you and guide you in the affairs of life.


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