Joseph Prince Sermon – How Much Are You Worth To God?

Joseph Prince Sermon - How Much Are You Worth To God?

Pastor Joseph Prince has delivered a new sermon and message “How Much Are You Worth To God?” where he asks if there are moments when you wonder how much you mean to God. The senior pastor and co-founder of New Creation Church in Singapore herein teaches that perhaps when you ask Him for blessings or help, you question your own value and maybe you don’t feel of much value at all. Joseph Prince who is married to Wendy Prince wants you to know that you are worth so much to God.

Assuring us that Jesus will always save us from evil, Pastor Joseph Prince wrote on Instagram:

“In the valley of the shadow of death, we battle with hopelessness and the fear of being abandoned.

But see how Jesus, our Good Shepherd, watches over and delivers us even though we walk—not by His leading—into the valley of the shadow of death. In that valley, He is still with us. He is not with us to say, “I told you so.” He is not standing there, with arms folded, to see how we will get out of the trouble we got ourselves into. No, He is with us to protect and deliver us from the evil one with His rod and staff.

Beloved, Jesus is a shepherd whose tender heart toward you will never allow Him to forsake you when you need Him the most. See Him with you protecting you, delivering you from death and bringing you safely through every season of darkness.”

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