Meet Joyce and Dave Meyer’s Children – Sons & Daughters

Dave Meyer Joyce Meyer Children
Dave and Joyce Meyer pictured with kids from Hands of Hope

The marriage Dave Meyer and Joyce Meyer is blessed with Four Children which include 2 sons and 2 daughters namely Daniel B. Meyer, David Meyer, Sandra Ellen McCollom and Laura Marie Holtzmann. It should be noted that all the Children of Dave Meyer and Joyce Meyer are all adults now.

Their daughters are already married to their heartthrobs while the sons retained the “Meyer” name. Laura Marie Holtzmann Joyce and Dave Meyer’s first daughter is already 51 years of age as at the time of writing this. She was born on the 5th day of April 1968.

Other Children of Dave Meyer and Joyce Meyer Include:

Sandra Ellen McCollom, Dave Meyer and Joyce’s second daughter who was born 8th October 1969 is aged 51 as at the time of writing this. The lady who is the author of “I Tried Until I Almost Died” once spoke about growing up as the daughter of a well-known Bible teacher.

Dave Meyer Joyce Meyer Children
Sandra Ellen McCollom – Dave and Joyce Meyer Daughter

Daniel B. Meyer was born on 23rd December 1979 and he is aged 40 as at the time of writing while the eldest of the 4 children of Dave Meyer, David Meyer who got named after his father was born on the 18th day  December 1965 and he is aged 54 as at the time of writing this report.

Daniel – Dave Meyer’s second son with Joyce
David, Dave Meyer and Joyce Meyer’s first son

Joyce Meyer thanking God and teaching about praises once wrote on her social media handle thus:

“Nobody gets everything but we all get something. However, trying to figure out what that something is can be difficult.

Sing praises to the Lord, for He has done excellent things [gloriously]; let this be made known to all the earth. Cry aloud and shout joyfully, you women and inhabitants of Zion, for great in your midst is the Holy One of Israel.” -Isaiah 12:6 (AMPC)”

Remember that kids are gifts from God and you have to accept a child whenever he or she comes. SAY no to ABORTION.

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