Joyce Meyer: Determination – Part 2

Joyce Meyer has given us a new message titled “Determination, Part 2,” where she teaches that God wants to help us be fulfilled and righteous.

Pastor Joyce continued with her teaching on determination, and it’s really important that we understand what it means. Whatever it is you’re going through, take it one day at a time. God, just give me the strength I need for today, and don’t let the devil tell you it’s going to last forever, because think of all the other things that you thought were going to last forever that God took care of, and you don’t have them anymore. Being determined to keep a good attitude no matter what’s going on in your life and being determined to not be anxious and upset is really important every time you have a problem because you can’t solve your problems anyway; only God can, so believe it or not, it’s perfectly okay for you to give your problem to God and then go ahead and enjoy your life while he solves it. We kind of automatically think that if we have a problem, we should be miserable the whole time we have it, or if you’ve got a kid that’s not doing well in school or whatever, you don’t have to be miserable if you really believe that God is working on it and that he’s going to solve it, then why not go ahead and be happy because the joy of the Lord is your strength, and we’re in the business of making the devil mad, and he does not like it if you’re happy, so the happier you are, the more you make him. We have to know that determination doesn’t mean just self-will; we can’t do anything apart from God, but it does mean that whatever the word tells us to do or whatever God asks us to do, we do need to be determined if we’re going to do it because the enemy will work overtime trying to make sure that we don’t, and so God wants us to be peaceful. Jesus said in John 14:27, “My peace I leave with you; not as the world gives, I give unto you, but my own special peace I give and bequeath unto you.” So stop allowing yourselves to be upset and disturbed, and stop allowing yourselves to be fearful and intimidated. So God’s done his part; I’ve given you peace. Now your part is to stop allowing yourself to get upset.


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