Joyce Meyer Ministries Rebuild a House Destroyed in Disaster


Joyce Meyer Ministries Rebuild a House Destroyed in Disaster
Joyce Meyer Ministries Rebuild a House Destroyed in Disaster


Joyce Meyer Ministries has rebuilt the home of a Christian Family that was destroyed in a tornado disaster.

The mission arm of Joyce Meyer Ministry, Hand of Hope has fully funded the rebuilding and furnishing of the house of Natan and Kristen Nichols.

The couple’s house was among the many buildings and businesses that were destroyed six months ago after a terrible tornado struck Rolling Fork in Mississippi.

“Hand of Hope—Joyce Meyer Ministries World Missions—was privileged to fully fund the rebuilding and furnishing of Nathan and Kristen Nichols’ new home.” A Saturday statement shared in Joyce Meyer’s Instagram post read.

Meyer’s ministry noted however that the building was achieved through donation as well as partnership with God’s Pit Crew – a non-profit, faith-based disaster response team.

“It’s only possible through the generous giving of our friends and partners and through our partnership with @godspitcrew.”

The statement further explained that “More than 100 God’s Pit Crew volunteers worked 16-hour days for two weeks, to complete the house”

The couple has expressed gratitude for their new home according to Meyer who also expressed gratitude to the Ministry Partners.

“Nathan and Kristen say they’re so grateful for their beautiful new home. What a wonderful way to share Christ and love people! Thank you, Joyce Meyer Ministries partners for making this incredible gift possible for this family”

After the March disaster, Joyce Meyer the president of Joyce Meyer Ministries solicited support for Tornado victims while disclosing that her ministry had partnered with some relief groups to provide relief for the victims. “You can help those Impacted by the recent tornadoes in Mississippi,” Meyer solicited.

At the time, they partnered with “@eightdaysofhope, @godspitcrew, and @Mercychef” to provide food, blessing buckets, assistance in the recovery effort, as well as the removal of debris.


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