Joyce Meyer : The Decision is Yours (Part 1)

We bring another message from Joyce Meyer which is titled “The Decision is Yours (Part 1)”.  Joyce Meyer teaches on the importance of seeking God’s wisdom when making decisions in our life.

The bible says” God says i put before you life and death and good and evil choose life, he wants us to have a good life but he’s not going to force us to do what we need to do to have that good life, he tells  us what to do and then gives us the privilege and the responsibility of making those decisions.

The decision we make is very important, because decision we make today will affect the tomorrow and the day after that, months and even years.

The decisions that we make in hard places are some of the most important decision. What kind of attitude are we having when we are in difficult place? How am i going to think about our lives? Are we going to be negative and sour? or are we going to trust God?

Daniel is one of the people that found themselves in difficult place that he did not want to be, but Daniel made decision not to defile himself with royal food and wine, Daniel was in difficult place, he was being told to do something that would cause him to break his word to God but he made decision even in difficult place he would still serve God.

Many of us are in difficult place, where we did not expect, but the decisions that we make during that time are really important and deciding to stick with God and continue to serve God same way we would if everything were good.

The good things we would do during our good time are same thing we should do during our difficult time like being close to God, being kind and generous.

Daniel determined that he would still serve God even in that difficult place. Life happens sometimes and we don’t have control of everything in any situation we can pray and God can turn it around but there are things that happen to all of us that we were not expecting and we don’t like but we should make decision to trust God always.

This is a message that you will enjoy.

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