Joyce Meyer Urges Prayer for Children, Offers Powerful Technique

Joyce Meyer Urges Prayer for Children, Offers Powerful Technique

Joyce Meyer Urges Prayer for Children, Offers Powerful Technique

In a heartfelt message, renowned televangelist and author Joyce Meyer addressed parents’ anxieties concerning their children’s well-being.

Highlighting the power of prayer, she offered a practical approach based on scripture, urging viewers to relinquish worry, embrace prayer, and trust God’s plan.

“Our faith and trust are truly released through prayer and our confession,” Joyce Meyer declared. She encouraged parents to actively pray for their children, expressing their concerns and aspirations directly to God.

Meyer acknowledged the specific concern parents face when children seemingly stray from faith-based paths. She, however, offered an alternative to worry.

“When they make choices that appear to be in opposition to God’s will, continue trusting Him,” Meyer advises. “Never put a time limit on trust.” Citing Acts 20:32, she presented a powerful scripture for those seeking to surrender their children to God’s care.

Meyere also provided a practical application of the scripture. “Imagine your child; let’s call them Sarah,” she stated. “Instead of fretting, you can pray, ‘Father, I commit Sarah to You. I place her in Your loving care and commend her to the guidance of Your word. I trust You to keep her safe and lead her closer to You.'”

The televangelist further emphasized the importance of replacing worry with thanksgiving. “Now, anytime you are tempted to worry about Sam, turn the worry into a prayer of thanksgiving that God is working in Sam’s life.,” she advised.

Drawing from personal experience, Meyer shared how this method positively changed her children’s lives. “I have seen amazing things happen in the lives of my children by following this method myself. At times I have prayed specific Scriptures over one or another of my children for months and have been amazed to watch God work.”

Concluding her message, she offered a reassuring reminder: “Worry and fear do not move the hand of God, but faith, trust, and commitment do.


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