Kenneth and Gloria Copeland Celebrate 57 Years of Ministry

Kenneth and Gloria Copeland Celebrate 57 Years of Ministry

Renowned author and founder of Eagle Mountain International Church in Tarrant County, Texas Kenneth Copeland, and his wife Gloria Copeland are radiating joy and gratitude as they celebrate  57 years of dedicated ministry

Celebrating 57 years of dedicated service in Kenneth Copeland Ministries on a Wednesday Instagram post, the couple expressed their heartfelt appreciation for their incredible journey in a message brimming with faith and inspiration. “Praise God, it’s been 57 years of ministry! We haven’t slowed down and neither has God,” they proclaimed.

Further emphasizing their unwavering commitment, they stated, “We are still pursuing our God-given mandate to use every available voice to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

The Copelands’ post extended an invitation to their followers, urging them to “Lift up your faith with us…there are more miracles and breakthroughs to come.”

Concluding their message with a resounding declaration of love and faith, they wrote, “And always remember: God loves you, we love you, and Jesus is LORD!”

Kenneth Copeland has been a prominent figure in the charismatic movement. His life and ministry have been marked by a fervent devotion to spreading the gospel.

Born in 1936, Copeland’s path to ministry took an unexpected turn with him initially pursuing a music career. However, a near-death experience in 1957 led him to a profound spiritual awakening, ultimately guiding him towards a life dedicated to preaching the gospel.

He married Gloria in 1963 after a failed marriage with Cynthia Davis from 1958 to 1961.

In 1967, Kenneth and Gloria established  Kenneth Copeland Ministries, an international ministry where they minister the Word of Faith and teach people who they are in Christ Jesus. Through his televangelism, the couple gained significant followers.

At 87 years old and Gloria 81, the couple remains actively involved in their ministry.

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