Kenneth Copeland Ministry Announces Grand Opening of its Café

Kenneth Copeland Ministry Announces Grand Opening of its Café

Kenneth Copeland Ministry Announces Grand Opening of its Café: Kenneth Copeland Ministry (KCM) Canada has taken to social media to announce the grand opening of its Victory Coffee + Kitchen Café.

After a long period of preparation and anticipation, KCM Canada excitedly announced Wednesday that the Ministry Cafe, a faith-filled social enterprise located on the ground floor of KCM Canada headquarters in Langley, BC is now open.

The ministry led by Kenneth Copeland, televangelist and founder of Eagle Mountain International Church officially opened the café’s doors to the public on Wednesday after praying and dedicating it to the Lord.

“After months of preparations and delays, we’re excited to announce that @victorycoffeekitchen is now open in Langley, BC on the ground floor of KCM Canada headquarters. Today we had time to pray and dedicate this place to the LORD before we opened the doors to the public,” a statement shared Wednesday on its Instagram page read.

The new café is committed to providing mentorship and support to individuals, overcoming employment barriers while serving the community with delicious food and the message of God’s goodness.

“Our café is a Faith-filled social enterprise with a focus on spiritual, social, and vocational mentorship for those experiencing barriers to employment such as those coming out of correctional centres and recovery programs,” the ministry noted⁠

“It will also be a place for us to serve the community and people in the area so that they can taste and see the goodness of God,” it added.

KCM Canada however, went on to express gratitude to its partners whom they acknowledged to have contributed to the actualization of the project.

They conclusively urge nearby residents to drop by at the cafe which opens from 8:30 am-5:30 pm, Monday to Friday for an amazing experience

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