Kingdom Culture Church Announces New Executive Pastors

Kingdom Culture Church Announces New Executive Pastors

Kingdom Culture Church (KCC) led by pastor Fred Porter and his wife Anna Porter has announced the exciting news of Harry and Annaliese Sladenz joining their North Brisbane campus on Sunday.

 The couple, expecting their first child, will bring valuable experience and leadership to the growing church community starting in September 2024.

Sladenz’s appointment as Executive Pastor signifies a strategic move for KCC. He will oversee all next-generation demographics and discipleship programs, playing a crucial role in nurturing the spiritual growth of young believers and fostering a vibrant faith community across all age groups.

His “over a decade of high-level ministry experience” and reputation as a “dear friend of the house” inspire confidence and anticipation within the church family.

Pastor Fred Porter and his wife Anna expressed their enthusiasm in a social media post, stating, “We are so excited to see Kingdom come with them as a part of our executive team & we know that God’s hand is on this.” The post further highlighted the church’s belief that God is actively guiding their path, bringing in “high-level leaders to help with the harvest!”

The announcement resonated positively online, generating a wave of excitement from the KCC community. Many users expressed their excitement about the appointment. Some simply congratulated the couple while others expressed their anticipation of their positive impact on the church’s growth and engagement.

“Whattt??! Welcome to Aus @harrysladenz and @annalieseslade so excited for you all,” one user wrote. “Come on!!! Love you guys and so excited for what’s ahead,” another added. “Incredibly excited for you guys!! We love the Slades so much. Behind you all the way, wrote one user”

Sladenz’s arrival signifies a new chapter for KCC North Brisbane. His leadership, coupled with the church’s commitment to fostering spiritual growth across all demographics, sets the stage for a vibrant and impactful future.


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