Learning To Love Yourself By Joel Osteen

Learning To Love Yourself By Joel Osteen

Learning To Love Yourself By Joel Osteen

Learning To Love Yourself By Joel Osteen: Pastor Joel Osteen is a well-known author and pastor of Lakewood Church in Huston, Texas.

Pastor Joel shares with us how to like ourselves in his book “Become a Better You.”

We all have areas that we need to improve, but as long as we’re pressing forward, getting up each day, and doing our best, we can be assured that God is pleased with us.

God may not be pleased with every decision we make, but He is pleased with us. We have to know and believe that God wants us to feel good about ourselves.

He wants us to be secure and have a healthy self-image, but many of us focus on our faults and weaknesses.

God knew that we were not going to be perfect. He knew that we were going to have weaknesses, faults, and wrong desires. He knew all that before we were born, and he still loves us.

One of the worst things we could do is go through life being against ourselves. Many of us don’t like who we are, and that is the plan of the enemy.

We should not focus on our weaknesses and faults, but on the positive things in our lives. We can’t give away what we don’t have; if we don’t love ourselves, we can’t love other people.

Always remember, God is still working on you. You’re not a finished product. It’s okay to like yourself while God is in the process of changing you. When you are negative and critical towards yourself, the process slows down; you make matters worse.

If you’re still struggling in some areas of your life, pray to God when you make mistakes. Don’t beat yourself up for the mistakes you made two weeks or months ago.

Conclusion: If God loves you, why don’t you start loving yourself?


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