Let Them Motivate You

Let Them Motivate You

Let them motivate you.

Let Them Motivate You: Most of the time, jealousy ruins our lives because we allow it to overtake us. When we see someone doing better than us, that can make us feel inadequate, but we can control it.

We are all created with unique qualities and purposes, so we should not allow comparing one another to steal our peace.

You don’t have to do what everyone is doing; just do what God has placed in your heart. God is our creator, and he has placed elements of greatness inside of us.

The enemy wants us to compare ourselves to other people so that we won’t feel worthy. No matter what skills or talents

Let’s find motivation to develop your abilities and any gifts that God may have given you. Because our heavenly father loves each and every one of us equally, we must understand the value of our gifts.

We might not have the same talents as our friends or siblings, but we must love the gift God has given us.

Your friend might be a good singer, and you are awesome at writing, so just focus on your gifts and get better.

Many of us spend most of our time trying to be like others. Discover and develop your God-given talents and gifts.

Learn to be happy for others.

Let Them Motivate You pt2

We, as humans, normally don’t feel happy for people when they are winning in areas where we are struggling. We are not like the rest of the world, so we have to be happy for people even when we don’t feel like it.

God is watching us, and he knows about our intentions, so when we are happy for others, he will bless us.

It won’t be easy to be happy for people when you are struggling, but just ask God for help.

We have to learn how to be honest with God because he already knows everything about us. When jealousy is coming up in your spirit, just cast it away and focus on God.

Our blessings will still come into our lives, so for the most part, let’s be happy for others and develop ourselves more.

We can ask the person for help if we think they are better than us. For example, if your business is going downhill, just ask for help.

We are all special to God, and he will always make a way for us to thrive in life. Being happy for others helps us grow spiritually.

Focus on God’s Timetable

Let Them Motivate You pt4

No matter how much we try not to follow God’s timetable, that will lead us into more trouble. God knows the best thing, so depending on God is really important.

At the right time, God will show you his glory and the great plans he has for us. We have to keep improving ourselves in our education, business, personalities, and mentally.

When we are constantly working on ourselves to improve with the help of the Holy Spirit, that will lead us to the right opportunity.

We all have heard the saying, “God’s timing is the best,” and that’s true. Take online classes, go for mentorship, look for a coach, keep improving your gifts by practicing every day, and trust God’s timing.

There are many opportunities out there that God is preparing for you, but you must prepare for them too.

Ask for help.

Let Them Motivate You pt3

We should not be afraid of asking for help when we need it in our lives. You might have done everything that you know, but you are not seeing results. Just ask for help.

If you are not seeing growth in your life in general, reach out to the right people. Look for people who have reached the level you want, go online, or just ask the Holy Spirit for ideas.

Don’t be afraid of appearing like you don’t know what you are doing, so keep learning and keep improving. God is watching you.


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