Levi and Jennie Lusko commemorate 19 years anniversary

Levi and Jennie Lusko, founding pastors of Fresh Life Church have taken to Instagram to celebrate their 19 years marriage anniversary. Recalling how they got married in 2004, Levi Lusko expressed how perplexed he is to have married Jennie and also how strong and productive their love has grown over the years.

“19 years as man and wife. And it has never stopped being amazing to me that you took my hand in marriage.  We are celebrating this week and thinking back to that 16th day of April 2004 when God joined us together as one and we have been seeking to live as one ever since. Imperfectly. Passionately. Gratefully. Joyfully. Intensely. We are better together. Our little family has grown since then,” Levi wrote.

“We have also seen one member go on to heaven before us,” He added, bringing to mind the sad moment they lost a daughter, Lenya Lusko to an asthma attack.  5-year-old Lenya died on the evening of 20th  December 2012.  By the time an ambulance arrived at the Luskos’ Montana home, Lenya’s heart had stopped beating. She passed away in her father’s arms.  “It was the absolute, most treacherous thing you could imagine,” Levi recalled in a 2017 interview with Relevant magazine.

Following the Instagram post, the 41-year-old pastor further testified of Jesus’ infinite kindness. “Jesus has been kind in every season.  And we believe the best is yet to come,” he concluded

“I will follow you, wherever you and Jesus may go,” Jennie Lusko confessed in a Monday Instagram post. “As we have grown into a stronger and better and funnier we, you have helped me become a stronger and better and kinder me. I love us, I love our family, I love leading with you. I love you best friend” she also added. 


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