Levi Lusko Reflects on Fresh Life Church’s Growth as it Marks its 17th Anniversary

Levi Lusko Reflects on Fresh Life Church’s Growth as it Marks its 17th Anniversary

Levi Lusko Reflects on Fresh Life Church’s Growth as it Marks its 17th Anniversary

Fresh Life Church, a multisite church in Kalispell, Montana, founded by Pastor Levi and Jennie Lusko on January 14, 2007, marks its 17th anniversary with Levi Lusko reflecting on the church’s significant growth.

Celebrating the church’s anniversary, on Sunday, Levi Lusko took to Instagram to reflect on the church’s remarkable expansion over the years.

He revealed that 17 years since Fresh Life Church’s humble beginnings in a small room, it has grown from a gathering of 14 people to a thriving congregation, impacting countless lives in the community.

“We had one child, Alivia, at the time and had just found out that week that Jennie was pregnant with our second daughter Lenya,” recalls Pastor Levi, reflecting on the early days. “We had no idea what lay ahead of us. Despite the uncertainty, the couple “simply stepped out in faith to make Jesus famous.”

He further recalls having their first service on a brisk January day with very low temperatures.

“There were fourteen people that showed up to our first service that we held in a small room above a bar and it was fourteen degrees out. (It felt cold at the time but it was 28 degrees warmer than it is today as I type this) in these past 17 years of ministry,” he wrote.

However, over the years, Fresh Life Church has witnessed incredible growth, but the journey hasn’t been without its challenges. “God has done immeasurably more than we thought He could,” Pastor Levi acknowledges. “And it has hurt far more than we thought it would.”

Despite the difficulties, the church has persevered, fueled by a deep sense of gratitude. “I am grateful for the many many people (past and present) who God has called to this work whether for a season or the long haul,” says Pastor Levi.

Looking ahead, the church remains focused on its mission of spreading the message of Jesus Christ and transforming lives.

“I am grateful for what I know God will do today as we gather again as we did at the first,” shares Pastor Levi. “In the name of Jesus, to magnify Him and tremble before His word hoping that the lost would be found and that the found would be transformed further.”

As Fresh Life Church celebrates its 17th anniversary, the community is abuzz with excitement and gratitude. Many took to the comment section to express their joy for the church’s significant milestone


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