Levi Lusko Shares Update on His Father’s Cancer Treatment

Levi Lusko, shares an update on his father’s cancer treatment and expresses gratitude to those that have been praying for him during cancer treatment.

In a Tuesday Instagram post, Levi Lusko, founder of Fresh Life Church shared an update about his father Chip Lusko who is undergoing pancreatic cancer treatment. Lusko disclosed that his father’s “chemo is going well and amazingly his energy has remained high.”

“Next week is his first pet scan and re-test to confirm surgery is possible this summer and see what God and the drugs have accomplished,” he added.

Lusko further expressed his unwavering faith in his father’s complete healing without complications. “We hope there has been a miracle and no spread or better,” he wrote. He also expressed gratitude for those who have been praying for his father. “For those of you who have been praying for him, thank you,” he wrote.

In May, Lusko solicited prayers for his father who he disclosed was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Chip Lusko was hospitalized during Easter in the course of which the cancerous tumor was discovered.

“Friends, will you please pray with me for my dad? He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and we are asking for God to intervene and touch his body. The last few weeks have been a blur, he was hospitalized over Easter and it was God’s mercy that the tumor was discovered before it spread,” Lusko wrote.

Levi Lusko is the only child of Chip. He has not only been close to his father during this time but also prayed consistently for his healing. He also has expressed a strong hope in his father regaining his health.

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