Live Church, Orlando: Beliefs, Service Times & Location, Pastors, And Denomination

Beliefs, Service Times & Location, Pastors, And Denomination: Live Church is a Pentecostal church located in Orlando, Florida. It is one of the fastest growing American churches. The church is founded by Pastor Tye Tribbett, which he co-pastors with his wife, Shante Tribbett.

The motto of Live church is : “my life, his way.”

“We exist To ‘breathe new life into this city by empowering a passionate Christ-culture of worshipers through excellence, truth & love.'”

Live Church, Orlando Beliefs:

The following are the core values of Live Church

1. LOVE: This belief is hinged on the commandment of  Jesus  in Matthew 22 that the FIRST AND GREATEST COMMANDMENT.   We strongly believe in the “LOVE FIRST” principle.

2. FAMILY: Live Church hold family in HIGH regard. Therefore they are focused on building strong families.   LiVe Church is also a place for those without family to find a new family.

3. WORSHIP: Romans 12:1 of the Bible tells us to offer our bodies as a LIVING SACRIFICE.
Live Church believe that this is one of the True Worshipers’ most accurate posture.
Giving, serving, singing praises to God, being compassionate, and other actions are all viewed as forms of worship.

4. TRUTH: And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free, according to John 8:32.
Live Church are fierce defenders of the “TRUTH “. To them it is not just what is fashionable or revered.

5. EXCELLENCE:  At LiVe,  a high value is placed on the harmony of excellence and anointing.
They don’t want to be so talented that we lose our anointing, but also don’t want to lose the excellence by becoming too skilled. They believe that Anointing will inspire us to EXCELLENCE.

6. EMPOWERMENT: Also, At LiVe, another belief is in God Dependency and “Bringing your Brain to Church”.

By the power of the Living God’s Spirit, They strive to EMPOWER Christians to carry out even greater deeds in response to Christ’s invitation.
The goal is to see men, women, boys, and girls who are independent in Christ and WHOLE individuals who recognize that we are MANY parts of ONE body.

Live Church, Orlando Service Times

Sunday Services – 11:30am (IN-person)

Live Church, Orlando Location

The Doubletree hotel, 5780 major blvd, orlando, fl 32819

Live Church, Orlando Pastors

Pastor Tye Tribbett is the senior pastor of Live Church. Pastor Tribbett was born on January 26, 1976 in Camden, New Jersey. He was raised in an Apostolic Pentecostal church in Camden, New Jersey. His father is Bishop Thomas Tyrone Tribbett, a former pastor, and his mother is Neicy Tribbett, a minister as well as a disc jockey in the Philadelphia and New York area.

He is married to Shante Tribbett who is also  a co-pastor at Live Church. The couple have 20 years ministry experience together.

Social Media

You can follow Live Church and join their online services on the following social media platforms:

Instagram: @live_orlando

YouTube: Live Church

Facebook: @livechurchorlando


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