Louie Giglio: Let God Love You | Seeing God As A Perfect Father

Life Church shares this sermon by Pastor Louie Giglio titled “Let God Love You: Seeing God As A Perfect Father.”

Pastor Giglio teaches us in this message why we have to see God as a perfect father. We have all been in situations where we felt that God did not love us enough. Pastor Giglio says the message today comes out of The Greatest Story Ever Told, which Jesus told is the greatest one of all, and when the lost son is found, we know that the older son is ticked, and we know that the dad is pleading, and then the curtain drops, and we don’t know, we don’t know, did the older son storm off and say, Look, my younger brother apparently has lost his mind, and now my dad has lost his mind, too, and I am the only one in this family that is sane, or did maybe a light bulb come on for this older son, and he went, Whoa, I’m I’m I’m I’m I’m I’m I’m I miss it the whole time I’ve been out here grinding and working and striving and it’s always been about my father’s love for me, how God today wants the message to be about the older son, the older brother, and the older sister because I believe that God is still outside pleading today, inviting somebody inside because the music’s already playing. The teachers of the law were the people that this story is for, so it’s not really for me; it’s not really for you; the story is really aimed towards them. They didn’t like who Jesus was hanging around with, and they’re murmuring about it: who is this guy who claims to be from God? He claims to be this, but look, he’s hanging around with all the wrong people, and so Jesus said, Hey, before you come to a conclusion about me, can I tell you a few stories? He tells them these stories of lost things, and what he’s trying to show them is the heart of God? The heart of God is to rescue the heart of

God’s mission The heart of God is movement towards people who need help, and this is what Jesus is doing on planet Earth. This is why he’s hanging around the wrong people, and this is why he shares these stories. There is this crazy son and the shock of the story when it’s preached.


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