Louie Giglio: Restoring What’s Been Lost in a Global Crisis

Passion City Church shares this sermon by Pastor Louie Giglio titled “Restoring What’s Been Lost in a Global Crisis.”

Pastor Giglio teaches us in this message about restoration that we have to know that God is the only person who can restore to us all that we have lost. Depending on God is really important for us as Christians because, with the global crisis that is going on, only he can save us. But the question that we’re still asking is, Are we over it? and I think it’s maybe the right time now that there’s a little distance, a little healing, and a little restoration to maybe ask that question to look back and to trust God for full restoration for what we’ve been through. That doesn’t mean that God can somehow wave a magic wand and replace things that are gone; it just means that God’s promise in every season is that he is The God Who restores, and so your story won’t have to always be about what God has restored and what God has done. Apparently, even though we’ve made it through it, we’re not over it, according to a survey conducted in February of this year, which asked adults about the state of their psyche as well as adults who reported symptoms of anxiety and depressive disorder in February of this year. especially young people. The World Health Organization said that anxiety overall Global anxiety went up 25 percent in the pandemic, but those numbers are staggering when you think about teenagers in particular. We have to know that God is the God of restoration and that he can change our stories to be better.

We don’t have to live with depression and anxiety because God will take care of everything that concerns us. We have to depend on God in order for us to see the restoration happen to us.


Watch and learn from this Sunday sermon by Pastor Louie Giglio “Restoring What’s Been Lost in a Global Crisis” as we bring the latest messages from Passion City Church to you.

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