Lovy Elias Advices Young Men to Rethink Marriage

Lovy Elias Advices Young Men to Rethink Marriage

Lovy Elias Advices Young Men to Rethink Marriage: In a world where getting married is an ultimate goal for most young men, prophet Lovy Elias of Revelation Church of Jesus Christ has thrown a curveball.

In a thought-provoking Wednesday video message on his Instagram page, Lovy urged young men to rethink marriage. Pastor Lovy lays out reasons why certain categories of young men should take a step back from the altar. His message, while unconventional, resonates with a call for self-reflection and responsible partnership.

“If you don’t know where you are going,” he said, “don’t get married. Where are you going to lead her to?” This blunt question challenges men to have a clear vision for their own lives before taking on the responsibility of guiding another.

Financial stability is another key pillar in Pastor Lovy’s framework. “If you can’t provide for yourself, don’t get married,” he advises. “How are you going to protect her, provide for her, and secure her?” This statement emphasizes the practical aspects of marriage and the need for men to be equipped to care for their families.

But the role of a wife extends beyond being a “helper,” argues the pastor. “If you have no future project,” he says, “don’t get married because a woman is a helper. If you have nothing going on what is she going on to help you with?” This challenges the traditional view of marriage and encourages men to have their own ambitions and goals, ones that their partners can support and amplify.

Finally, Pastor Lovy emphasizes the importance of self-discipline. “If you don’t have self-discipline,” he warns, “you are going to have false expectations for her that you yourself cannot achieve.” This underscores the need for personal growth and maturity before entering marriage, ensuring that individuals are prepared to handle the inevitable challenges and compromises that come with lifelong commitment.

Lovy likens marriage to a credit card: “When you use that thing right it is going to get your credit score high,” he says. “You use it wrong and it’s going to go all the way down.” By urging young men to approach marriage with careful consideration and realistic expectations, Pastor Lovy hopes to set them up for marital success, not failure.


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