Prophet Lovy Lists Four Things Men Must Have Before Marriage

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Prophet Lovy Lists Four Things Men Must Have Before Marriage: Prophet Lovy has shares profound insights on the qualities that men should cultivate before taking the sacred vow of matrimony. These qualities serve as a foundation for a strong and enduring marital relationship. In the journey towards a successful and fulfilling marriage,  here are the four essential things men must have:

1. Destination

Prophet Lovy emphasizes the importance of destination. According to the Prophet:

“If you do not know where you are going to – don’t get married”.

Why this is important because as a leader, a man must know where he is leading his woman to.

2. Financial Stability (Source of Income)

“If you can’t provide for yourself – Don’t Get Married”.

The importance of financial stability in marriage cannot be over-emphasized. As a man, it is important that you are able to provide for your woman.

3. Goals/Dreams/Aspiration:

Prophet Lovy recognizes the significance of dreams and goals in a man’s life. According to the Prophet, if you have no future goals do not get married. His reason is that a woman is a helper.

“If you have nothing going on for you, what will she help you with”.

4. Self – Discipline.

In the evolving landscape of modern relationships, Prophet Lovy emphasizes the importance of self-discipline. When one lacks self- discipline it will lead to him having false expectations of his woman. False expectations that one cannot achieve themself


Prophet Lovy’s teachings offer invaluable guidance for men preparing for the sacred institution of marriage. By prioritizing spiritual grounding, emotional intelligence, financial stability, and respect for equality, men can embark on this journey with the tools needed to build a strong, enduring, and fulfilling partnership. Aspiring to embody these qualities lays the foundation for a marriage that not only survives but thrives, guided by the wisdom imparted by Prophet Lovy.

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