Mike Pilavachi Resigns Following Investigation Into Abuse Allegations

Pastor Mike Pilavachi founder of Soul Survivor youth ministry in the United Kingdom resigns from his position as Associate Pastor of his church following an abuse allegation.

30 years into church leadership, Mike Pilavachi announced on an Instagram post his resignation from the church following an ongoing investigation by the Church of England with the Diocese of St. Albans Safeguarding Team and the National Safeguarding Team, (NST) into an allegation of “inappropriate intimate relationships.”

“I have today resigned as associate pastor of Soul Survivor Watford. I have taken this step because the Church needs to heal and I have realized that my continued presence will hinder that process,” Pilavachi wrote.

He went on to “seek forgiveness from any whom I have hurt during the course of my ministry. I have, on advice, made no comment on the allegations and will not make any further public comment, as I do not believe it would be good for anyone if I took part in a trial by media or social media,” he continued.

“I pray for God’s blessings on the Church. It has been a privilege and joy to serve these past 30 years.”

Soul Survivor Church also formally announced Pilavachi’s resignation in a July 11 statement written by David Mitchell on behalf of the Soul Survivor Watford Trustees.

“We have informed the NST of Mike’s resignation and they have assured us that the investigation will continue as planned until it reaches a conclusion,” the statement read.

“We remain committed to seeking a just, truthful, and transparent outcome to the investigation for all those who have bravely stepped forward to share their concerns and experiences with the NST and the St Albans Diocesan Safeguarding Team.”

Mitchel acknowledged in the statement that “many people feel hurt and confused as they process all that has been reported in the media and shared on social media.”

“It takes a great deal of strength to report abuse and we are grateful to all those who have come forward,” he wrote. He however urged those seeking to report abuse to contact [email protected].




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