Mike Stone accepts nomination for SBC president

Mike Stone accepts nomination for SBC president. The Southern Baptist Convention pastor has in a Wednesday video posted to Vimeo announce his acceptance of the nomination for Southern Baptist Convention president.

“After hearing from Southern Baptist across the country, I’ve prayerfully agreed to accept a nomination for the presidency of the SBC,” he said.

Stone noted however that “there are also serious causes of grave concern,” in SBC.  He went on to disclose the concerns as his major focus if elected at the church’s election in June.

The first concern according to him is the “Biblical approach to the horrific issue of sexual abuse.” Stone said his “heart is greatly burdened.” He noted however that SBC currently needs leaders who are dedicated to “protecting the vulnerable and caring for the abused.”

“In this critical hour, we need leaders who will guide us to care well for the victims, while at the same time embracing the scriptural principle of due process and handling and publishing of accusation, by these matters and local congregations,” he said.

“When abuse occurs, it happens in local churches. So our Convention needs to resource local autonomous congregations to deal with these matters biblically, legally, and compassionately,” he added.

Stone further disclosed he would embark on national evangelism if elected. “So if I’m elected as your next president, my second major focus will be a nationwide evangelism emphasis called crossover America,” he said.

“There’s more that can and will be said over the next few weeks. But the bottom line today is the largest Evangelical network of churches in America is on an unsustainable trajectory.” Stone noted.

In June 2021, Mike Stone ran for SBC president but narrowly lost to Pastor Ed Litton. Litton who received 52% of the vote, got 6,834 votes, while Stone got 6,278 votes.


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