Mike Todd: Biography, Family, Church, And Net Worth

Mike Todd: Biography, Family, Church, And Net Worth: Pastor Mike “Michael” Todd is a pastor and author from the United States. He is the senior pastor of Tulsa, Oklahoma’s The Transformation Church.

Under his leadership, Transformation Church has gained significant attention for its innovative and dynamic approach to ministry, as well as its emphasis on personal growth, faith, and relationships.

Todd is known for his energetic and relatable preaching style, which often incorporates humor and practical insights. He addresses a wide range of topics, including faith, relationships, personal development, and biblical teachings.

One of Pastor Todd’s most well-known sermon series is titled “Relationship Goals,” which focuses on applying biblical principles to various aspects of relationships, including dating, marriage, and friendships. This series, along with his engaging and authentic communication style, has garnered a large following on social media and other platforms.

In addition to his pastoral work, Pastor Michael Todd has authored books, including “Relationship Goals: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex,” which expands upon the concepts from his popular sermon series.

Pastor Michael Todd
Michael Todd

Mike Todd Biography

Pastor Todd was born to Tommy Ray Todd (father) and his mother and grew up in a family with three brothers. He was born in Oklahoma on November 16, 1986.

Gabriel Todd, Brendon Todd, and his youngest brother, Pastor Todd, are his three brothers.

There is not a lot of information about his growth or his education. However, Bishop Gary McIntosh trained him in the ministry before handing over the leadership of the Transformation Church to him.  Today, Todd is a well-known new school pastor whose messages they describe as the gospel of the New Generation.

Mike Todd and Wife
Mike Todd and Wife


Pastor Mike Todd Age

Pastor Todd was born in Oklahoma, United States of America, on November 16, 1986. Every year on November 16, he celebrates his birthday, and his zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Mike Todd  Pastor Wife

Pastor Todd is currently married to his gorgeous wife Natalie Todd, whom he married on June 20, 2010. Since February 2015, Michael and his wife, Natalie Todd, have served as the Lead Pastors of Transformation Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

They’ve been married since 2010 and live in Tulsa with their three lovely daughters, Isabella Todd and Ava Rae, as well as a boy, Michael Alexander Todd Jr. Isabella is the oldest of the three sisters, while Ava is the youngest.

Pastor Michael Todd: Biography, Age, Family, Church, And Net Worth

 Transformation Church

Mike Todd is the lead pastor of the transformation church. He co-pastors the church with his wife, Natalie. The church uses modern communication tools and innovative technology to deliver its messages.

Bishop Gary McIntosh entrusted Todd and his wife with the Transformation Church in 2015 after 15 years of operation.

Transformation Church has provided something exceptional to its members over the previous eight months, who have grown tremendously. Pastor Todd added a second service to accommodate the excess crowds and maintain consistency in the service. The church offers a non-traditional series on tithes and offerings called “wait till I get my money right.” As tithers, almost 250 people joined the ministry.

Pastor Michael Todd: Biography, Age, Family, Church, And Net Worth
Transformation Church



  1. Write Down Your Vision And Believe
  2. Follow The Plan God Has Anointed For You
  3. Your Pain Prepares You For Your Purpose
  4. Trust In God’s Timing
  5. Here I Am
  6. Three Habits For Here
  7. The Biggest Faith Move You Could Ever Make
  8. Faith Like A Farmer
  9. The Circle of Faith
  10. The Command With No Cap

You can get more sermons from Transformation Church YouTube

Pastor Mike Todd Books 

Pastor Todd is a published author whose works have been labeled bestsellers and have received excellent reviews. His works include:

  1. Relationship Goals: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex
  2. Crazy Faith: It’s Only Crazy Until It Happens

  3. Crazy Faith Workbook: It’s Only Crazy Until It Happens

  4. Relationship Goals Challenge: Thirty Days from Good to Great

  5. Relationship Goals Study Guide: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex

Mike Todd Pastor Net Worth

We estimated pastor Todd to be worth between $1million and $5million. His major source of income comes from his pastoral work.

Social Media

You can follow Pastor Todd on the following Social media platforms:

Instagram: @iammiketodd

Twitter: @iammiketodd

Facebook: @michael todd

You can follow Todd for messages and live services on YouTube.

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