Pastor Alph Lukau’s Word Today 4th May, 2019


The World Is Not Ours...

Pastor Alph Lukau Word Today 4th May

Pastor Alph Lukau’s Word Today 4th May, 2019

Pastor Alph Lukau Word Today 4th May

There is a surprise coming your way, because Jesus was on the Cross because of YOU.

Our Saviour is no longer on the Cross, our Saviour is no longer in the tomb, surprise, surprise!

He died for you, He rose from the dead for you. The effect of the Cross was not for mere things, there is SOMETHING IN IT FOR YOU.

I decree and I declare, you WIN, they lose.

There will be great deliverance like never before. They said you will never marry, you will never carry a child, never be healed, or you will never prosper. The devil is a liar. The Lord will open everything locked by the devil. Shout deliver me Lord!

AMI is a fountain of the grace and power of God.
If you are low you will be lifted.
If you are unemployed you will find an opportunity.
If you were demoted you will be promoted.
If you were broke, you will be financially independent.
If you are sick, you will be HEALED. If you are down, you will be uplifted. If you are cursed, you will be BLESSED.

This weekend, YOU will meet your miracle. Who will receive it?

Credit – Pastor Alph Lukau

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The World Is Not Ours ...

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