Pastor Alph Lukau’s Words Of Encouragement For You


Pastor Alph Lukau's Words

Pastor Alph Lukau’s Words Of Encouragement For You

Pastor Alph Lukau's Words

Pastor Alph Lukau’s Words – The Man of God took to his Official social media page to encourage people who are going through difficulties and wrote:

“I am here to encourage a child of God who has been through the fire and through the storm. The one who says ‘Lord I’m tired I need You.’ Don’t give up.

God said I will never leave you nor forsake you, He said I will heal you and bless you. God is not a man – what He said He will do, He is God enough to do it. I believe it for you👏

I decree and I declare; the expectations of the wicked in your life SHALL NOT be met in Jesus’ Name!”


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    • Prophet of God I appreciate the annointing which is in you. My name is Shine Dandamira from Zimbabwe but currently living in Pretoria.

      Please Man of God I wish to meet you 1 on 1 please. What can I do please I will be very happy if I meet you because I know all my wishes will be fulfilled.

      Please man of God I will be very happy if you accept me as your son and meet me.

      • Visit AMI to meet Pastor Alph Lukau. Alph Lukau will never send you a dm or ask you to pay for anything ON Facebook or any other social media platform. Be careful as there are many scammers posing as Alph Lukau.

        Thanks Shine

        From Admin of

  1. Oh, Lord iam tied this situation my I receive this from the mouth of my Dad, my prophet alph lukau, oh, Lord remember me

  2. I need prayer in every area of my life I have been suffering for too long now on the Job and off the job from this man said to me at work in the year 2003 that everything held up until now I can’t accomplished anything I need help please help me I know who he is but If I said nobody will believe me.

  3. Oh Lord im tired remember me in my situation.please deliver my son from the homo sexuality and the atack of the devil in my family

  4. I am very happy to get connected to you Man of God.
    I have watched several of of prophetic videos and appreciates everything God is doing in your life.
    Glory be to him.

  5. Pastor Alpha Lukau I watch your channel daily in my house in South Sudan. All miracles, signs and wonders are taking place I do watch.

    Man of GOD please pray for me and my son and daughter for GOD intervention in our lives. I have been working since 2005 with UN/WFP but no accountablity of my earnings, no house, no car and all my life I live on renting. My daughter could finish her university due to mental disorder and my son is also in Canada struggling with his studies. Man of GOD pray for me and my children. I know your GOD will intervene.

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