Pastor Bill Winston Sermon – Defy Your Fear – Agents of Change

Pastor Bill Winston shared this new sermon “Defy Your Fear” during the latest episode of his new series “Agents of Change” and it is not a sermon or message you will want to miss. Herein, Dr. Bill Winston teaches that through meditation and revelation you will shatter everything that is blocking your way.

Revealing his new book “Redeemed From Death” , Dr. Bill Winston took to Instagram to write:

“The Bible tells us that death is an enemy of God and it (death) is the last thing that will be destroyed. Jesus took back the keys to hell and death, so you can have and enjoy long life. You are the REDEEMED! Order this dynamic teaching today!”

Watch and learn from this sermon and message by Pastor Bill Winston – Defy Your Fear – Agents of Change – as we bring the latest sermons from Bill Winston to you daily.

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