Pastor Greg Laurie Lists Key Signs Jesus Is Coming Back

Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Christian Fellowship Church recently shared with his congregation major evidence that Jesus is returning and advice on how to prepare for the momentous occasion.

In a July 30 sermon titled “Is Jesus Coming Back Again?” Laurie said the New Testament mentions Christ’s return over 300 times, or about one of every 13 verses. He highlighted that the Bible heavily emphasizes Christ’s return, with 27% to 33% of it being prophecy, and that many of the predictions have already happened.

“We can look in retrospect at prophecies that were once in the future but are now in the past and realize that God predicted those things with 100 percent accuracy. Consequently, we can be safe in concluding that He will fulfill the other prophecies that are yet in our future,” he said.

Laurie said there are “signs of the times” showing Christ’s imminent return. He cited “the emergence of China as a superpower,” “the lessening of the United States as a superpower,” “the repeated threats against Israel spoken of in the Bible,” and “statements from our world leaders about a potential Armageddon” due to the war in Ukraine.

“I would add to this the explosion of technology, especially artificial intelligence, increasing government overreach in our lives, where the government is seeking to gain more and more control of what happens to us,” he continued.

“I would also add the dramatic increase in drug use decimating American cities, international financial instability, mass shootings, the disintegration of the family, and the calculated attacks against the family. The Bible says, ‘In the last days, there will be satanically energized times, and things will go from bad to worse.”

Global events in the past 15 years, particularly the last three years, may indicate Jesus’ imminent return.

The promotion of immorality, the redefinition of gender roles, and aggressive marketing on mainstream platforms are signs of the times.

However, positive indicators of Jesus’ return include the Holy Spirit being poured out on all flesh, prophecies, and visions. The Asbury University revival in Kentucky and the “Jesus Revolution” film have also sparked conversions and baptisms.

He advised Christians to ask themselves two questions: “What does this all mean to us?” and “How should we be impacted by this teaching from Scripture that Christ could come back at any time?”

Studying Bible prophecy is a blessing, as it reveals God’s desire to reveal and unveil the future. However, some people may go to extremes, trying to set an exact date for Jesus’ return.

The author believes we are getting closer to understanding this, and it should impact us personally. Christians should be patient when waiting for the Lord’s return, as there is an element of excitement in this patience.

The author believes that Jesus has not returned yet because He is waiting for more people to come into the Kingdom of God. God is not late in keeping His promise, and He is patient with us. Sometimes we groan about ourselves, but the Lord wants more souls saved and people in His Kingdom.

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