Pastor Jentezen Franklin: The Walls Will Fall

We bring to you today’s message from Pastor Jentezen Franklin, which is titled “The Walls Will Fall.” Pastor Jentezen teaches there are times we need to fast as an act of repentance. If we have done something wrong or messed up, we can fast and confess to God. When you fast and acknowledge your wrongdoing, that wall that has kept you from God’s best can fall, and you will be free.

Victory is the purpose of fasting. When Jehoshaphat was outnumbered, he called a fast, and when they fasted, God said, “The battle is not yours, it’s mine, and I’m going to bring the victory.” If you want something you’ve never had, you have to try to do something you’ve never done before. When you want God to do something extraordinary, you have to do something extraordinary to get his attention.

When we fast, we are demonstrating through our actions that we know our God is supernatural and that we must believe in him in order for him to do supernatural things in our lives.No wall is too big for God; they will crumble, implying that no problem is too big for God.No matter what the wall is—the wall of shame, confusion, regrets, depression, or the wall of generational curses—it will fall when you pray and fast to God.

Maybe you face rejection, addiction, and fear; you can’t fight them by yourself, but the Holy Spirit is there to help you out, and God is going to do it so quickly that it will blow your mind. In Deuteronomy 20:4 it says, “For the Lord, your God, is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory.” It’s time we allow God to fight for us, because he has the power, and surely we know that he will give us victory. We don’t have to go around being sad and depressed; it’s time we realized how awesome God is and how much he loves us. God wants to give us magnificent victories in the future.

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