Pastor Joel Osteen Sermon – Start A Blessing

Pastor Joel Osteen Sermon - Start A Blessing

Pastor Joel Osteen of Lakewood Church shares this new sermon and message titled “Start A Blessing” where he teaches that the decisions we make don’t just affect our lives, they affect the legacy we leave behind. He said that when you make decisions that honor God, your faithfulness will be transferred to your future generations.

Teaching further on this sermon, Pastor Joel Osteen wrote on Instagram:


God is keeping an account of every good thing you do, the times you forgive when you could stay bitter, the times you’re being your best when nobody is giving you credit. That’s not being overlooked. It’s accruing mercy, favor, blessing in your family’s account. Grandchildren that have not yet been born; great, great, grandchildren that you’ll never meet, yet because of you, they will be born with a blessing on their life, born with favor they didn’t have anything to do with. It’s because you started a blessing. You took the high road, you broke the addiction, you resisted the temptation, you prayed bold prayers. Not only are you going to see God take you where you’ve never dreamed, but generations later, your family will be walking in the blessing. Your descendants will see favor and victory because of you.”

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